Thank you for being part of our lives!

We’re celebrating our lucky life together in Blake’s hometown of Port Townsend.

A private ceremony will be held in the morning.

Please join us

Saturday August 10th, 2019*
Fort Worden State Park**



*Time details to follow

**A Discover Pass is required to park at Fort Worden
Passes can be purchased for 1-day or 1-year from date of purchase
Buy online, in person at the front desk of Fort Worden, or at REI and other select retailers


It all started …

Long ago in a galaxy far, far away. A guy with a wiener dog walked into a bar.

He met his future wife. And the rest is an adventure in the making.


This is an intimate celebration with those closest to us.
Please RSVP for guests named on your invitation.

other events

Many of you will be traveling from Seattle and beyond. To welcome you to town we'd like to invite you to join us at the Beach Shelter at Fort Worden for a casual opportunity to meet our family and friends and explore Fort Worden.

Friday August 9th
from 7:30–10:00pm

Fort Worden Beach Shelter
100 Harbor Defense Way
Port Townsend, Wa 98368

traveling to port townsend

The Scenic Drive

If you want to skip the ferry lines, you can drive around through Tacoma in just over 2 hours!…depending on traffic :)

For all of our fellow road trip lovers, the 3 hour version up Hood Canal is a beautiful, scenic route. Stop off for a hike at Lena Laketake a swim in Lake Cushman, or just go where your heart leads you!

Stop for bites at Hama Hama Oysters and a drink at Hardware Distillery

Nature lovers can make it a few days' affair and camp along the way :)

Seattle to Bainbridge Ferry
801 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA

A little over 2 hours journey from the Seattle-Bainbridge ferry to Port Townsend!

Check the Washington State Ferries website for sailing times. Driving onto the ferry is about $25 each way, per car with 2 adults. The Seattle Ferry Terminal has boats to Bainbridge Island and to Bremerton. Please be sure to purchase your ticket and get in line for Bainbridge Island!

From Bainbridge Island, it's about a 1 hour drive to Port Townsend!

There is a lot to do in Bainbridge Island and along your drive — some of our favorites are the Bainbridge Island Museum of ArtEagle Harbor Book CompanyBlakely Harbor ParkBainbridge BrewingBruciato, and Via Rosa

Once you're on your way out of Bainbridge, you can visit at our niece Ella's favorite stop in Poulsbo — Sluy's Bakery, or stock up on snacks for the weekend at the best Central Market

Edmonds to Kingston Ferry
199 Sunset Ave S, Edmonds, WA

Just under 2 hours from the ferry to Port Townsend!

Check the Washington State Ferries website for sailing times leaving Edmonds. Driving onto the ferry is about $25 each way, per car with 2 adults.

You'll land in Kingston and it's about a 50 minute drive to Port Townsend!

On the way consider stopping in one of our favorite, historic — and probably haunted :) — towns, Port Gamble

guest accommodations

If you’d like to make it more than a day trip and stay for the weekend, there are plenty of options. We recommend booking sooner rather than later. August is the busy season in Port Townsend and lodging can get booked quickly!

Fort Worden
200 Battery Way, Port Townsend, WA, US

The Reception will be held at the Bliss Vista Cottage at Fort Worden. There is limited lodging available but you will be close to all of the festivities!


Blue Gull Inn Bed & Breakfast

1310 Clay St, Port Townsend, WA 98368, USA

The Tides Inn & Suites

6909, 1807 Water St, Port Townsend, WA 98368, USA

Ravenscroft Inn

533 Quincy St
Port Townsend, WA 98368, USA

things to do

These are a few of our favorite places to go (eat) and things to do. But there’s always more to explore so venture out and find something new to tell us about!

431 Water Street
Port Townsend

Often our first stop in town for the best cup of coffee you’ll find. The staff is very knowledgeable — but very chatty… so think before you engage :)

1025 Lawrence Street
Port Townsend

Probably the best restaurant in town! You can’t go wrong, but plan ahead of you want to go for dinner. Tables fill up fast.

The Rose Theatre
235 Taylor Street
Port Townsend

Do yourself a favor and try and catch a movie in the Starlight Room. It’s 21+ so sorry kids, but grown ups can order food and drinks and enjoy a movie on the big screen from a comfy couch under a victorian chandelier.

North Beach Park
5787 Kuhn Street
Port Townsend

A great spot to run with dogs and kids or go explore the other side of Fort Worden!

Marrowstone Island

A short drive from Port Townsend with the Marrowstone Winery and Fort Flageler

Finnriver Farm & Cidery
124 Center Road

One of our go-to spots with a great view of the orchard, delicious ciders & cocktails, and a huge outdoor area. Great for kids!

2231 Washington St
Port Townsend

Another of our favorites and an early contender for the wedding location — but it’s 21+ only. Huge list of beers and ciders from Washington and Oregon. They don’t serve food so you can bring in a picnic or a pizza!

Saturday Farmer's Market
650 Tyler Street
Port Townsend

A great way to spend some time the morning before the reception! Visit our favorite pottery gnome and buy what we can only imagine will become your favorite cup.

Owl Sprit Cafe
218 Polk Street
Port Townsend

Vegan restaurant that’s as tasty as it is healthy

Elevated Ice Cream
631 Water Street
Port Townsend

Satisfying Blake’s sweet tooth since 1980

You are the gift

We are so grateful for your love. As many of you are making a trip out of town to attend, and even for those that aren't far from home, we want you to know that having you by our side at this exciting time is more than we could ask for.

If you are inclined to purchase a gift we are registered through Blueprint Registry. Please consider making a contribution to one of our favorite charities in lieu of or in addition to a gift.

We love you and thank you for being part of our celebration!